May 5

EDC 534 Final Project


A Professional Development Course Created Using Edmodo


As my final project, I created a 2nd in a series of courses that teachers may use to grasp the concept of digital and media literacy. The first course in this series, “Learners of Digital Literacy,” served as a foundation to the understanding that digital literacy must be taught in a similar fashion as print literacy with the focus on critical thinking, evaluation and comprehension. This course digs a bit deeper into the understanding of what it means to be a digital author and why this is important to our students. Both courses use the format of interactive video and assignments that integrate digital tools using the content management platform of Edmodo.

You may access this course at    using this group code:  7tax3k.   Login as a student and follow the prompts given to create an account.

Below is one of the interactive videos created for this course using Office Mix. Use it as preview to what you will find if you join me for the full  course. Here’s to helping ourselves and our students become creative and collaborative digital authors. Cheers!!