February 21

Plickers ~ Could be a Formative Assessment Game Changer


Had a question from a colleague during in-service last week asking about the app that acts like a student response system. I know I may have shown this to some folks previously, but it’s worth revisiting. It’s called Plickers. There is an app for both iOS and Android devices as well as having a web interface that allows you to input questions more easily and access a “live” view in order to project questions and result to the whole class.

This is a free “polling” app that allows you gather student responses to teacher generated questions without the students needing a device. Each student is given a card (these are printed from the site) that contains an image that looks similar to a QR code. This code is used to show the student’s answer choice (A, B, C, D or T/F). The student holds up the card and the teacher uses the app on their phone to quickly scan them. Answers are immediately populated on the teacher’s device, and as I said earlier, if projected in “live view,” they also populate for the class to see. This is a great tool for formative assessment. Often, this app is best shown in action to get the whole picture of how it works so I’ve added a video about set up and how the scanning works. The video opens at the 15:39 mark with scanning. The complete video will walk you through the setup process as well.


Easy setup
Real time data gathering
Increases student engagement
Same card can be used over and over
Great “help” section on the website


Cards have to be printed and possibly laminated to be more durable and lamination could show a glare.
Response choices are limited to A, B, C, D and T/F



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